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Is Nicotine More Addictive Than Heroin?

is nicotine more addictive than heroin?

is nicotine more addictive than heroin?One of the oddest things I ever heard was: “Nicotine is more addictive than heroin!”

I heard it on the radio. I hear it from potential clients, on the Internet—even Dr. Oz from the Oprah Show said it. (And, of course, he knows everything, right?)

And, by the way, Dr. Oz, by announcing that asinine statement he basically convinced millions of Americans that it is impossible to quit smoking because, well… it’s easier to quit heroin, right?

Before I go on, I must make this statement: I am not a doctor and this is in no way medical advice. You can believe me or not. The fact that I have over 750 written testimonials in my office attesting to the FACT that they can and did quit smoking at Plymouth Hypnosis Center is testament in itself. If you want to truly quit smoking, just call me.

 Okay, now, let me give you the facts:

People bandy about the word “addiction” all of the time. “I’m addicted to television,” for instance. That’s not what an addiction is.

addiction |əˈdik sh ən|


his heroin addiction DEPENDENCY, dependence, habit, problem.

And, this is only my opinion, but you cannot be addicted to television, chocolate, love, cars, etc. You have true withdrawal symptoms from an addiction. Physical symptoms.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • insatiable craving for the drug
  • restlessness
  • muscle and bone pain
  • insomnia
  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • cold flashes
  • cold sweat
  • goose bumps
  • involuntary kicking movements
  • dilated pupils
  • watery eyes
  • runny nose
  • excessive, repeated yawning
  • loss of appetite
  • tremors
  • panic
  • muscle cramps
  • shallow breathing
  • convulsions
  • increased heart rate
  • elevation in pulse
  • elevated temperature
  • sharp elevation in blood pressure
  • arrhythmia
  • stroke
  • heart attack
  • coma
  • depression
  • suicidal tendencies

Vomiting? Heart attack? Stroke?

Cigarettes as addictive as heroin? (Are you kidding me, Dr. Oz? It’s not an addiction. It’s a compulsion.)

I can prove it.

Do you really want to quit smoking? Call me now at 610-397-1515 and I’ll show you how easy it really is! You’ll quit smoking and you can then tell YOUR story in my huge book of testimonials!

All testimonials on this site are based on clients who have completed their program at Plymouth Hypnosis Center. All testimonials are from clients who have been committed to their success and wanted and needed to take action on their respective program. Results may vary, of course, depending on this commitment.

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